Our Mission

Tapping into the innovative potential within the University of Oklahoma student body, The Oklahoma Group empowers nonprofit organizations with knowledge, tools, and recommendations to achieve their goals and maximize their social impact.  Our mission is to bring tangible change and improvement to our community, one nonprofit at a time.


Our History

The Oklahoma Group was founded in 2010 by six University of Oklahoma students.  Inspired by The Berkeley Group, our sister program developed through the University of California – Berkeley, our founders established a program to bring similar results to the central Oklahoma community.

Since our founding, we have been able to serve over 50 nonprofits in the central Oklahoma region. We are excited to continue working with and serving nonprofits in the community, while helping provide students with a professional experience while in school. Our consultants have not only gone on to make a major impact on the Oklahoma community, but are currently studying and working to impact the entire globe.


Our Consultants

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