What TOG Has to Offer

The Oklahoma Group engages with non-profit organizations that represent a wide range of needs in the community. Each semester TOG selects non-profit clients to collaborate with on business-related issues. TOG works on varied projects and is always looking for new, unique, exciting challenges. Some of the services TOG provides include:

Human Resources and Organizational Development

  • Workforce Development Models
  • Volunteer Recruitment Strategies
  • Membership Retention Strategies
  • Organizational Restructuring

Finance Development

  • Donor Recruitment
  • Planning
  • Fundraising Strategy

Strategic Planning and Business Analysis

  • Business and Organizational Planning
  • Growth and Service Expansion Strategy
  • Needs Assessment Planning

Financial Analysis

  • Program and Service Delivery Development
  • New Client Recruitment Planning
  • Data Collection Analysis

Strategic Marketing

  • Target Market Analysis and Expansion
  • Brand Management and Positioning
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Marketing Campaign Development
  • Social Media Strategies

While our goal is to help organizations solve immediate problems, we provide recommendations that are not only sustainable but that also allow for future organic growth. Our work is tailored to the specific needs of our client and designed to have maximum impact. At the end of a project we present the client with our final deliverable. This involves a live presentation from the team and a hard and soft copy report that outlines our recommendations, lays out our research findings, highlights potential risks and challenges and suggests a strategy for implementation.

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  1. Indian Territory Posse of the Oklahoma Westerners is an organization that has a mission to investigate, study, and perpetuate all phases of the culture, history, and development of the American West with a special emphasis on Oklahoma. The IT Posse has existed since 1962. The organization has never achieved 50c3 Non-Profit Designation from the IRS. The IT Posse wants to do receive non-profit status as we believe it will improve our ability to fulfill our mission. Any guidance or assistance The Oklahoma Group could provide us will be greatly appreciated.

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