Testimonials and Impact

We are proud to say that our clients receive tangible benefits from our work and report implementing our recommendations for their nonprofits.

Our Impact in Numbers

What our Clients Say

“The Oklahoma Group is a fantastic student organization that is plugged in to our state nonprofits. The project team I worked with were enthusiastic, completed great research, and provided helpful tools and methods by which to implement plans to grow our organization.”

Historical Society of the US District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma, Spring 2022

“The Oklahoma Group has provided our nonprofit with priceless information. We would have never been able to do such thorough research with our small admin staff. We are beyond grateful for the information and recommendations they provided to us. It will certainly help guide us to a more prosperous and sustainable future.”

Bethesda, Fall 2020

“It was a delight and great help working with The Oklahoma Group. They provided a fresh insight and approach to our work. They were unafraid to tackle issues that have been tough internally. They were respectful of the age of the agency and the emotional ties. They took this into account during their presentation as well. They dealt supportively, firmly and delicately with our work and mission.

Opportunities Industrial Center of Oklahoma County, Spring 2019