Consultants for nonprofit organizations.

Bringing tangible change to our community, one nonprofit at a time.

About Us

Tapping into the innovative potential within the University of Oklahoma student body, The Oklahoma Group empowers nonprofit organizations to achieve their goals. Our mission is to bring tangible change to our community, one nonprofit at a time.


By working with TOG, students gain professional skills, experience, and connections; have a lot of fun working with and becoming friends with some of the most talented students on campus; and do meaningful work that improves central Oklahoma.


TOG is student organization at the University of Oklahoma that works to provide pro-bono professional consulting services to non-profits in central Oklahoma. Our work is tailored to our clients’ specific needs and designed to optimize the performance of the nonprofit as a whole.


TOG’s model draws upon many different partners that allow us to deliver great impact by utilizing the resources they offer. By working with so many varied partners in the community we are able to employ all the resources that are available to us as an organization.