For Alumni

At The Oklahoma Group, we value the connections made throughout your time as a consultant, team leader, or executive team member. We seek to keep in touch with our alumni after their time with us and after their time at OU. Here are some opportunities available to alumni.

Alumni Projects

If you are still enrolled at the University of Oklahoma, alumni projects are a great way to continue your consultant experience on a smaller, more personal scale. Alumni teams are composed of two or three alumni who would like to continue with the TOG consultant experience on a smaller scale. These teams tackle one or two workstreams as opposed to the three to four workstreams that a traditional team takes on. Alumni projects are less structured than traditional projects and meet with an executive team liaison and the president every other week. Alumni projects are open to any alumni enrolled at The University of Oklahoma. Any interested alumni should submit a letter of intent for an alumni project.


All current members of TOG may vote in elections, and any alumni member who is still enrolled at the University may vote if they have “registered” at least one day prior. Only present members may vote and there will be no proxy voting. Alumni can register to vote by emailing

Alumni Board of Directors

In order to retain institutional knowledge, in 2013 we created an Alumni Board of Directors. The board consists of the past four TOG presidents and two at-large alumni members. The mission or the Alumni board is to: “provide advisement and assistance with fundraising, program oversight, strategic planning and implementation, and legal and ethical integrity.” The board meets twice per semester. If you are interested in serving on the Alumni Board of Directors, please email

The current board members are:
Dana Mohammad-Zadeh
Sam Clancy
Seth McNayr
Ally Glavas
Ganga Moorthy
Laura Shapiro
Elaine Griffeth

Keep in Touch

We want to hear from you! Please keep us updated with any new job positions, relocations, or contact information changes. All alumni are welcome to attend PRs throughout the semester. Please email for more information about the PR dates and times.

LinkedIn: We have created a LinkedIn group. If you would like to be added to this group, please email us.

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