Spring 2011

Spring 2011 Consultants
Spring 2011 Consultants



Caitlin Campbell, Women’s and Gender Studies, Team Leader
Ganga Moorthy, Microbiology (Pre-Med)
Kalynn Dean, Economics and Marketing
Patrick O’Bryan, Economics and Letters
Mara Hershap, Philosophy

Madison Mélon, Women’s and Gender Studies, Team Leader
Emily Langhorst, English and Philosophy
Jessica Gamble, Communication
Juliann Jantz, Undecided

Dhara Sheth, Multidisciplinary Studies (Pre-Med), Team Leader
Anna Taybourn, Marketing and Energy Management
Rachel Acuna, Public Relations
Samantha Toth, International Security and Economics

Executive Committee

Dana Mohammad-Zadeh, International Studies and Economics Junior, President
Jake Rupert, International and Area Studies, VP of Projects
Madison Mélon, Women’s and Gender Studies, VP of External Affairs
Patrick O’Bryan, Economics and Letters, VP of Campus Relations and Recruitment
Elizabeth Miracle, International Security Studies and Political Science, VP of Internal Development
Samuel Scharff, Zoology, VP of Professional Development