Fall 2013

Fall 2013 – Big TOG


Alyssa Boutelle, Marketing and Culture& Media Studies Senior, Team Leader
Paige Abernathy, Letters Senior
Bob Cail, Biochemistry and Spanish Senior
Elaine Griffeth, Spanish and Health & Exercise Science Junior
AsheemaPruthi, Economics Sophomore

Beth Huggins Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Senior, Team Leader
Kendall Burchard, Journalism and International Area Studies Sophomore
Patrick McSweeney, Political Science and Public Relations Senior
Robin Rainey, International Area Studies and Chemistry Junior
Anna Searcey, International Area Studies Junior

Tyler Campbell, International Business Senior, Team Leader
AmberDawn Armstrong, Letters and Constitutional Studies Senior
Katharine Bain, Public Relations Senior
Melanie Maguire, Economics Senior
Faye Reiley,  Petroleum Engineer Sophomore
Jan Schlupp , Economics Senior

Katie Allison, History of Science (Pre-Med) Senior, Alumni Consultant
J.C. Fischer, Religious Studies, Accounting and Finance, Senior, Alumni Consultant
Lauren Schechter, Business Economics and Supply Chain Management Junior, Alumni Consultant
Maggie White, Business and Letters Sophomore, Alumni Consultant

Executive Committee

Laura Shapiro, Economics Senior, President
Corbin Wallace, Finance & Economics Senior, VP Operations
Alexis Taitel, International Studies BA/MA, VP of Development
Ranya Forgotson, Marketing Senior, VP of Non-Profit Engagement
Shannon Sanderford, Advertising Senior, VP of Campus Engagement
Kristin Pascoe, Psychology Senior, VP of Projects